"In an industry where rapid change is the norm and regulatory oversight is intense, it’s extremely helpful to have an on-call expert when there isn’t time to meet a deadline or your knowledge base is tapped. I recommend Kasai Consulting to any company in need of technical EHS expertise or even basic EHS support.”

—Thomas Evans, MS, REA, Associate Director, EHS & Radiation Safety Officer, Arena Pharmaceuticals

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Tailored Environmental, Health, and Safety Solutions

Rising EHS risks and regulatory compliance requirements… Declining budgets and resources… At Kasai Consulting we understand the tough challenges that EHS managers face. Kasai Consulting’s senior-level, board-certified environmental, health, and safety experts will partner with you to tailor a comprehensive, turnkey solution to your unique EHS problems.

Founded in 2002, Kasai Consulting is highly familiar with regulatory and environmental issues our clients face on a daily basis. Our specialized expertise enables us to develop custom solutions prudently, quickly, and cost effectively. Our long-term strategies and dedication to quality provide our clients continued control over EHS risks and help to strengthen their business advantage in this competitive marketplace.


California Department of General Services Small Business Certification, Supplier ID# 1259740.


Overcoming Complex Environmental Health & Safety Challenges